Joseph Anthony

Selected Works

Fact-based fiction
This true story is about a simple man convicted of a murder he did not commit.
Fairy Tales traditionally start with “Once upon a time” whereas just about all police stories begin with “And this is no sh*t….” and this compilation of stories of a cop’s life in the City of Baltimore is no sh*t!
Wealth, sex, international intrigue and revenge permeate this book filled with exciting and memorable characters.
Quincy Peters loses his home but then rises to power and influence in the Nation’s Capital.

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Guilty but Innocent
After an investigation rife with confusion and too many contradictory statements, the simple but stubborn Sid Brown is tried and convicted of a murder he did not commit. Refusing to listen to his lawyer, Sid testified and a catastrophic loss of control in the witness box led to his conviction.

Tales from the Blue
People are strange and regardless of whether they are criminal or law-abiding, they do peculiar things. These police stories are all true – they actually happened. Although they may be judged to be weird, funny or simply tragic, they merely show what people can do and the task that faces police officers each and every day sorting out the problems people create for themselves and for others.

The Last Etude
Internationally famous concert pianist Brianna Corelli is married to urbane Brent Halliday, a man with a dark past. Baron de Castenado discovers that his brother died in a black operation involving Brent and plots to destroy him. Learning the truth about Brent shatters Brianna’s world but then she fights back.

An Ordinary Man
Quincy Peters, self-effacing and lacking social skills, has extra-ordinary ability when it comes to finance. The enigmatic Quincy is propelled by happenstance into the political intrigues and machinations of powerful Congressional leaders and the struggle for election to the most powerful position in the world, President of the United States.