Joseph Anthony

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Fact-based fiction
This true story is about a simple man convicted of a murder he did not commit.
Fairy Tales traditionally start with “Once upon a time” whereas just about all police stories begin with “And this is no sh*t….” and this compilation of stories of a cop’s life in the City of Baltimore is no sh*t!
Wealth, sex, international intrigue and revenge permeate this book filled with exciting and memorable characters.
Quincy Peters loses his home but then rises to power and influence in the Nation’s Capital.

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Tales from the Blue

People are strange and regardless of whether they are criminal or law-abiding, they do peculiar things. These police stories are all true – they actually happened. Although they may be judged to be weird, funny or simply tragic, they merely show what people can do and the task that faces police officers each and every day sorting out the problems people create for themselves and for others.